VIDEO: “Sick & Tired” – BenadriLL

In which Lakehouse Ent’s BenadriLL travels to Sin City, only to find his first show in the 702 is cancelled. In true Lakehouse fashion, he makes the most of a crummy situation. “Sick & Tired” can be found on Ben’s latest, Under The Table.

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AUDIO: Under The Table – BenadriLL

Benadrill - Under The Table

LakeHouse Entertainment’s main man BenadriLL has released, by far, his best project to date. The album is called Under The Table and it features the kind of low-key, everyman struggle bars and braggadocio that the rapper has always traded in. The beats shine here, too, with equal parts turnt party flair and G-Funk inspired riding music. Worth your time.

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VIDEO: “Ca$h” – BenadriLL

BenadriLL’s new music video “Ca$h.” Or, “LakeHouse Ent: An Underdog Story.” Shout-out to Roofdogg for keeping me apprised. Watch for Ben’s Under The Table coming as soon as foreclosure proceedings are completed.