NEW MUSIC: Vampsterdam – Nacho Picasso & Avatar Darko

Vampsterdam - Nacho Picasso & Avatar Darko

Nacho Picasso and Avatar Darko pair up for rap horror movie tryst Vampsterdam. Dig the Disney-like font and album artwork reminiscent of OG horror host mainstay Vincent Price. Shit, now I’m just dating myself. Go listen amongst yourselves.


NEW MUSIC: “Vampire” – Avatar Darko & Nacho Picasso (prod. by AraabMuzik)

Vampire - Avatar Darko & Nacho Picasso

Avatar Darko and Nacho Picasso are hopping on the most popular teeny-bopper trend of the new decade: Vampire worship. Of course they’re doing it in their own special and menacing sort of way. Did you expect anything else? Vampsterdam is their upcoming collaborative album, and “Vampire” (produced by AraabMuzikget well soon, brodie) is the second advance release.

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NEW MUSIC: “Black Velvet” – Avatar Darko & Nacho Picasso (prod. by Raised Byy Wolves)

Black Velvet - Avatar Darko & Nacho Picasso

Soul mates in calamity, Avatar Darko and Nacho Picasso are preparing to release a collaborative album called Vampsterdam. This seems like a natural pair-up given the rappers’ proclivity toward the dark side. “Black Velvet” is the first single and that’s Raised Byy Wolves wearing the black hoodie in the background. Click here to read 206UP’s recent interview with Av.

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