VIDEO: “Venus In Transit” – RA Scion & Vox Mod (feat. Blake Lewis; dir. by Casey Sjogren)

(Sorry, can’t get the embed code to work for the full video. Above is a preview clip. View the entire thing, here.)

RA Scion’s new video for “Venus In Transit” — featuring production by Seattle electronic music maestro Vox Mod and vocals by Blake Lewispremiered yesterday on Yahoo Music. The video, directed by Casey Sjogren, looks and sounds great, and feels different from everything RA has released previously (though his role reprisal as a member of the proletariat class is steadily familiar). Blake Lewis (whose Portrait of a Chameleon dropped May 20) does his best Justin Timberlake impression in the dramatic clip. “Venus In Transit” is from RA and Vox’s Sharper Tool Bigger Weapon.


VIDEO: “Fixed” – RA Scion & Vox Mod (feat. Daniel Blue)

Keep digging through the rough and you might find diamonds. That particular adage is applicable to the outcome of the drama RA Scion recently faced with former production partner turned fink Rodney Hazard. Go here to read the saga concerning their late 2013 album, The Sickle & The Sword.

Things are looking brighter now, though, with a new producer on board — electronic maestro and Shabazz Palaces collaborator Vox Mod — to conduct a re-worked version of the original album (new title: Sharper Tool Bigger Weapon) set for release on March 18. Above you’ll see an edited version of the video for “Constant” (originally featuring Hazard’s production), this time called “Fixed” and with Vox Mod’s instrumental.


VIDEO: “Iridescent Asteroid Mists” – Vox Mod (feat. Palaceer Lazaro)

And while we’re on a Palaceer Lazaro cameo trip…

This here is the video for “Iridescent Asteroid Mists,” the opening track to Vox Mod’s recent Syn-Aesthetic which you can spin below. The track is full of bright synth and electronic thump, perfect for your at-home or work commute headphone space. The Palaceer lends a fresh old school flow to the proceedings.

VM reaches for the cosmic and metaphysical in the descriptions for each of Syn-Aesthetic‘s tracks, and for this particular joint he has this to say: “Ishmael Butler aka Palaceer Lazaro of Shabazz Palaces describes multidimensional celestial visions.”