VIDEO: “Wishing On A Dream” – Avatar Young Blaze f/Isabella Du Graf

Mainstream x Gangsta. It rarely works better than Avatar’s “Wishing On A Dream.” Two questions, though: 1) Why did director Jon Augustavo choose to shoot in b&w with the beautiful California coast (not to mention the lovely Isabella) as a backdrop? 2) Think that Porsche was a rental or does Avatar just got it like that?


DOWNLOAD: “Wishing on a Dream” (Avatar Young Blaze f/Isabella Du Graf)

This might be the most agreeable I’ve ever heard Avatar Young Blaze, whose relentless gangsta-isms become tedious over the course of his lengthy mixtapes (cop for free, here and here). On “Wishing on a Dream,” Av is downright amiable, however. You’d be on your best behavior too if jazz beauty Isabella Du Graf blessed your track with her honey-dipped vocals.

The bottom line, though, is everything works on this song. The production (courtesy New York-based Blastoff Productions) is tight and radio-friendly. Avatar sounds optimistic and agile, and Isabella adjusts her jazz inflections expertly. Click here for the download link. Russian Revolution Mixtape coming, soon.