VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: “Make A Way” -Th3rdz

This just in from Th3rdz:

Th3rdz back with a bangin homage to mashin.  Mashin is perseverance and diligence. Th3rdz sound and style over this stompin Kuddie Fresh beat is outlined with flow, lyrics, hook and soul. Candidt, Xperience and JFK spit it and pulled off a unique heater over a double break groove.

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DOWNLOAD: “Drunk Raps” – TH3RDZ

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Based on a true story…

Super rap trio TH3RDZ are back with this hilarious track chock full of fun, libations and…well?…bullshit!! Produced by Chonie Diego of Night Fox, this track features each emcee’s true accounts of drunken stupor and frolic.


DOWNLOAD: The Durden Papers Vol. 1 – Xperience

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I’m about halfway through this new free release from Olympia’s Xperience, but already I can say I digs it. Perhaps not as much as the MC/singer’s previous for-profit offering, William The VIII, which, upon re-listening, has shown itself to be 2010’s most slept-on regional release. The Durden Papers Vol. 1 is (so far) more hyped and party-oriented, mostly due to producer BeanOne’s stripped-down slap. Catch XP on tour with long-time homies Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.


DOWNLOAD: “Money Mouf” – Xperience (prod. by BeanOne)

The best rapper to ever come out of our capital city? Oldominion affiliate Xperience goes in here. X has never sounded more dexterous. BeanOne drops more of that no-frills, stripped-down drum and bass sh-t he’s been on lately. It all adds up to something nice for your weekend.


DOWNLOAD: “Wylout” – Th3rdz (prod. by BeanOne)

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Correction: there is a “z” at the end of Th3rdz. And it is pronounced “The Thirds.”

Now that that’s established, check the latest drop from the Oldominion-affiliated three-man wrecking crew of Candidt, JFK and Xperience. “Wylout” is produced by BeanOne and sounds like one of them early hype Wu-Tang joints. The kind built exclusively for jumping up and down repeatedly in the club. If this track were a candy bar, it would consist of chocolate, caramel nougat and crunched up bits of microphone. It’d be called a “Chunky, Son!”

“Wylout” – Th3rdz (prod. by BeanOne)


VIDEO: “Th3rd” – Th3rd

Remember that formula you learned in algebra whereby you could derive the total number of combinations possible from any given number of unique components? Yeah, I don’t remember that sh-t either. I bet the number would be high for the Oldominion collective, though. Here’s one of the possibilities: JFK + Candidt + Xperience = Th3rd. Supergroup alert!

(Spotted at Raindrop.)


DOWNLOAD: “Yuk The Police” – YUK f/Spaceman & Xperience

F-ck the spaced-out clean-line synths of modern day hip-hop production. They sound better like like this — fuzzed-out over a chompy beat. Spaceman and XP go in against the cops over Bean’s production. The whole thing sounds like walking on top of crushed-up pieces of concrete. Chunky.

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Click to listen to “Yuk The Police” by YUK f/Spaceman and Xperience. Click here for the D/L link.