This is a fun one: Viper Creek Club with an off-beat take on “What Happened To That Boy” by Birdman featuring Clipse. The Neptunes’ original production sounded like hip-hop made in a futuristic ice age. VCC’s version is distinctly warmer — like the version played at Earth’s party before hell froze over.

Click Play to listen to “What Happened To That Boy (VCC RMX)” by Clipse f/Birdman. Click here for the D/L link, dummy.

Both the original and the remixed versions of “I Need You” are masterful. JusMoni‘s spoken-word is heartfelt, soulful and intimate on the original recording. VCC’s version takes the vocals and gives them flight, turning Moni’s declarations into something beyond delicate words jotted in a diary; here, it sounds as if she’s pronouncing her unconditional love from an electronic mountaintop. It’s just as moving and essential, but in a completely different way.

Press Play to listen to “I Need You (VCC RMX)” by JusMoni. Put your mouse here for the D/L.

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