"iPhoneography365 Day 206 Up Chucks" photo by Apolinar Fonseca

206UP.COM has a Facebook presence now. In addition to the Twitter and RSS feeds, you can also get your daily dose of all things Seattle hip-hop injected intravenously into your Facebook feed. Lots of feeds, I know, but if you’re already looking at this website then presumably you can’t get enough of that Town goodness. Please go “Like” it by clicking here or on the little button on the right side of the website. You know what it is.

A little about the photo: If you do a Google image search for “206up” the above picture is the first totally unrelated image that appears. I thought that was really dope so I went ahead and used the photo without the photographer’s permission. Hopefully that’s cool with him. His name is Apolinar Fonseca and he’s based in Cali. Dude has a lot of cool shots over at this blog (here) so please pay a visit.

Someday soon 206UP.COM will have its own legitimate branding, but until that day I’m’a have to keep jacking images and banners from folks who are far more talented artists than myself. Here’s to open source computing in the cloud.

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