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Here then, is the culmination of 15 weeks of 206UP.COM’s own version of Battle of the Bands, otherwise known as The TrackMeet. Initiated in mid-January of this year, the format was simple: Each week, three tracks from (relatively) unknown local hip-hop artists were pitted against each other in a Gladiatorial-style showdown for ULTIMATE RAP SUPREMACY. Actually, it’s just a series of week-long polls where readers get to vote on their favorite track, and the only award for winning artists is bragging rights on their Twitter and RSS feeds.

In any case, all of the entrants involved put in good work and we here at 206UP.COM hope the feature served as a showcase for everyone hustling musical product in The Town. As promised, here is the free compilation mixtape of all past winners. Download, share and if you like what you hear, seek out more. 2012 will see the beginning of a new round of TrackMeet competitions, so if you’re an artist looking to submit a new joint, hit me up at:

(And while we’re at it, if you missed previous 206UP.COM mixtape compilations, you can grab those here and here for FREE, dunny!)

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