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What a fitting way to bring the year to a close. 206UP.COM’s 2011 content concludes with this recent drop from the StaHi Brothers (Vitamin D and Maineak, in case you ain’t know).

You know how most Christmas-themed albums are kind of…well…suck-y? Record labels making one last calendar year cash-grab at the expense of folks who shouldn’t be spending extra dough on mediocre Holiday music anyway? If you have disdain for tactics like that, you’ll probably like Chrismas Trees (grab it here). First of all, it’s FREE. And if that’s not reason enough, there’s this: It’s brilliant. From the opening track’s interpolation of “Christmas Time is Here” from the classic Peanuts soundtrack, to the irreverent Holiday stripper anthem “Raindeer,” Vita and Maine mash-up ‘hood and Holiday motifs into glorious, satire-laced boom-bap with a mischievous spirit.

The album ends with “What Christmas Means,” a moral lesson applicable not just to those who celebrate Christmas: Be thankful for all the good that life has wrought in 2011, and treat your loved ones with care. That’s real talk from two of the realest hip-hop artists working in Town.

And with that, 206UP.COM brings this blog sh-t to a close for the year. It’s been a lovely 365 days, fam. On January 1, 2012, we’ll cue it up again.

Until then, PEACE.

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