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The Mile Fly Club is Young Goonie, Toon One, AaR, and Mac Shine, a local crew with more personality and ability than your average blunted swag rap posse. Their self-titled debut album doesn’t dwell any deeper than what you’ve come to expect from similarly-minded groups, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it.

From the easy jazz haze of “The Grind” and “I Just Wanna Ball” to the cloud-rap steez of “Heels” (which directly bites Clams Casino’s “Bass” instrumental), TMFC displays able mic skills and adept — albeit shallow — wordplay. It’s all entertaining in the moment, but if this quartet hopes to make further in-roads locally they’ll have to move beyond the cursory rap archetypes they adopt here, something they clearly have the chops to do. Stay tuned.


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