Click image to purchase at Bandcamp.

The always generous and gregarious Sabzi unleashed this massive collection of new/old instrumentals from his vault on the first day of Spring 2012. From his Townfolk website:


it’s the first day of Spring and i have new old instros direct from the TOWNFOLK studio to the holes above your earlobes.

in the spirit of cleaning house, i’ve dug even deeper in the crates (ok, computer folders) and compiled another tape of unreleased beats—some of which date back almost 9 years.  this one is massive: a collection of beaterinos, slappers, nuggets, sketches, and concepts (finished and unfinished) never before heard until now and available for a limited time at a special New Year price of 5 bucker bills.

wishing you a happy and prosperous year, full of fresh starts and new beginnings, son!

(Borrowed from Blogs is Watching.)

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