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Brothers From Another manage to achieve a rare depth of connection with their listeners through a relatively simple hip-hop formula. It’s the best thing about the duo Tiglo and Cole who continue to belie their young age with a brand of hip-hop that roots itself in the easy-going tradition of mid-90s West Coast underground while remaining true to the themes and challenges posed to the generation to which they belong: a tech-savvy peer group with a set of post-college dreams that seem downright mythical compared to the reality that awaits them.

No matter. BFA lives and works in the hip-hop moment. With the aforementioned reality summarily placed on hiatus while the two attend college in California, it’s enough for Tiglo and Cole to spin rhymes about what confront them on the daily. Taco Tuesday‘s six tracks are spent celebrating — and lamenting — the travails of an active romantic life (good to know these dudes aren’t wasting away their healthy years on Saturday night Call of Duty sessions), summarizing the musical inspiration found within their own hometown’s rap scene (“Sonic Boom”), and counting their blessings while soberly memorializing those who find themselves in less fortunate situations (“5th Of May”).

There’s one track here that’s absolutely bananas from a production standpoint: Sabzi’s “Roxy” is all off-kilter tropical drums and playfully screwed vocals. Elsewhere, BFA willfully place their semi-charmed life lyrics over medium-paced grooves heavy on soul and Pacific Coast boom-bap.

Brothers From Another make this rap shit look easy. The plague of appearing as though they’re trying too hard is unknown to them, as is the dreaded rap pitfall of attempting to be something they’re not. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now: hip-hop inside the 21st century is in good hands as long as BFA continue to have their precocious say.

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