206UP.COM is resurrecting THE TRACKMEET in all its amateur glory for 2013. If you’re relatively new to the Seattle rap game and trying to eke out some exposure go here for submission guidelines.

For the readers, this shit is simple: CLICK play on the three tracks below, LISTEN to each one, and then VOTE for your favorite in the online poll below. Voting lasts for one week so exercise the RT button and tell your grandma to log-on immediately. As always, winners will be forever enshrined on the next 206UP.COM TRACKMEET Mixtape, the first edition of which you can download for free here.


LANE 1: “Go Off” – Jai.P

Jay Weeed

LANE 2: “Rollin Down The Highway” – Jay Weeed


LANE 3: “Man of the People” – MC DmK

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