Budo - The Finger & The Moon

Budo’s new album, The Finger & The Moon, finds some things familiar and some things not. First, the self-produced LP is rich with sonic textures and (at times) dense fragments of musical thought that refuse to be beautiful at first listen, but reward later with repeated visits; it’s this ability that places the multi-instrumentalist in the category of musician rather than mere producer.

Secondly, Budo adds the “vocalist” tag to his repertoire, here singing on all ten of TF&TM‘s tracks. He doesn’t have a great voice — think of a sort of poor man’s Leonard Cohen for the millennial/internet set — but the combination of his spoken thoughts (which are often intensely personal) in addition to the musical help complete the whole picture.

Stream and download The Finger & The Moon below, and check out the video for the track “Fremont” below that.

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