Triceracorn - Porcelain

In my eleventh hour push to cram for 206UP’s annual best-of list (dropping next week!), I realize there’s a grip of worthy music that I missed out on the first time it came around.

Triceracorn is one such example. Producer IG88 and rapper Beige (best MC name ever?) compose the duo responsible for October’s Porcelain, a 12 track collection of ambient hip hop, rich with brave sonic ideas and existential angst. Beige explores a host of topics from love to substance abuse, all tackled from oblique angles and through metaphorical oddities. The LP also features a couple of nice guest shots from Sandpeople’s boom-bap philosopher IAME and Hellfyre Club’s resident wordplay professor Open Mike Eagle. Porcelain makes for perfect headphone music on a cloud-covered day.

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