Mndsgn - Yawn ZenMndsgn
Yawn Zen
Stones Throw (2014)

Score (Potholes In My Blog scale): 4 / 5

This album review was originally published on September 3, 2014 on Potholes In My Blog.

Mndsgn (or Mind Design, if you’re still scratching your head) is the latest in a long line of vowel-dropping producers to emerge from the Los Angeles beat scene, a fertile stomping ground for those electronically-minded, obsessively-curating crate diggers who find glorious voltaic release—and sometimes world renown—on the dank, nocturnal stages of Boiler Room and Low End Theory club showcases. Yawn Zen is Mndsgn’s official Stones Throw debut and it’s a generally pleasing, listenable excursion through the compositional tendencies of a cat with a genuinely compelling pedigree.

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