RA Scion & Indica Jones

We are in a new era of protest: wars with nebulous “enemies” rage persistently in high-definition, immediately visible to anyone with a wi-fi enabled device; state-sanctioned murder of America’s own citizens in broad-ass daylight, brought to you in easily digestible packets of corporate-sponsored news.

RA Scion — call him Seattle hip-hop’s best answer to Pete Seeger — remains a dissenting voice above the fray. Operating with the same social spirit as other Town MCs like Gabriel Teodros and Prometheus Brown, Ryan Abeo’s lyrical approach is just this side of obtuse — if you’re not paying close attention, that is. Recently, he and producer Indica Jones let loose with a three-part movement called “America, The Funeral (Part One).” It loosely channels Vietnam-era protest music, albeit with breakbeats.

Welcome to the end of the rope.

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