High On Wax - Stay Hi Brothers

Producer/MC Vitamin D and MC Maineak B are two Seattle rap nonpareils who’ve blessed the Town with crucial albums and career-making artist co-signs over the course of multiple decades. Their official union as a duo, the Stay High Brothers, has always catered to the classical rap-minded aficionado’s ear.

High On Wax forgoes the universally accepted studio techniques normally used to craft beats (ie. samplers, sequencers and the like) and relies solely on the art of turntablism to provide the backing tracks for the duo’s raps. The result is a heady, organic and raw soundtrack for Vita and Maine’s daily living. In this hazy, hedonist’s landscape, the good is consumed like daily bread and the pursuit of pleasure rules the day; that is until the fucking pigs inevitably blow the high.

And yet, no matter. Music is the benevolent dictator for the Stay Hi Brothers who remain compelled to get — and stay — lost in the forgiving boundaries of the groove.

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