206UP EXCLUSIVE (PREVIEW): “The Bizness” Music Video – Kublakai

Kublakai - The Bizness

The rapper Kublakai — long time friend of the blog and perpetual move-maker in the Six (and beyond) — has found himself rejuvenated with March’s Kubi Zoo, a collection of previously released tracks and a handful of new ones. New energy means new videos and 206UP will happily feature the exclusive premier of his latest clip for “The Bizness” this Tuesday. Stay tuned, fam.

206UP Exclusive Audio Previews Video Premier

PREVIEW: Tomorrow People – The Physics

The Physics dropped a little video preview of Tomorrow People, their upcoming full-length (due August 25). I have lent ears and mind to the album and hereby deem it officially, “Funky Enough.”

Track listing below, Kickstarter campaign right here.

Audio Previews