VIDEO: “Walk On By” – Akrish (feat. Malice & Mario Sweet)

Bellevue’s Akrish returns with a new video for his track “Walk On By”, featuring guest vocals by Malice and Mario Sweet. Jason Chen conceived and directed this clip which follows the romantic lives and times of a group of couples. It’s affecting and sweet.


NEW MUSIC: “Walk On By” – Akrish (feat. Malice & Mario Sweet; prod. by Ill Pill)

Akrish - Walk On By

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the rapper Akrish. His new track, “Walk On By,” is a stirring ballad about heartbreak blessed by the vocals of Malice and Mario Sweet. Tacoma’s Ill Pill produced the mid-tempo cut.

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DOWNLOAD: #Aklife – Akrish

Click album cover to D/L at Bandcamp.

Bellevue’s Michael Akrish (real name, no gimmicks) dropped this brief hat trick yesterday with assists from MTK and DJ Nphared. Promising area rap from the east side of the Lake.


206UP.COM’s The TrackMeet (2.18.11)


Congratulations to last week’s TrackMeet winner: Billy The Kid and his track, “Let’s Go Seattle.”

This week’s edition features three artists with a bit more of a rep than past contestants. If you’re one who pays close attention to Seattle’s hip-hop movement, you’ll probably recognize them. Now get to listening and voting…


LANE 1: “I Be Me” – WUF TIX (Myspace pages here and here)

Press Play to hear “I Be Me” by WUF TIX. Click here to download it.

LANE 2: “I Love You” – Akrish

Press Play to hear “I Love You” by Akrish. Get it here.

LANE 3: “Sounds Of My City” – Luck-One

Press Play to Hear “Sounds Of My City” by Luck-One. Click here to download.

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DOWNLOAD: “Blue EP” (Akrish)

The Blue EP is a promising 5-track freebie from 4-2-5 rapper Akrish (“Real name, no gimmicks,” as Obie Trice says). All songs are produced by Brainstorm with guest bars courtesy Spaceman, Grynch, Chev, and Tunji, among others.

The highlight here is “Let’s Talk” a certified Grade-A Banger of a posse cut that Ak, Space and Brain rip into like starved lions. (Is that a Queen sample I hear?) Click below and get hip before everyone else does.

Click image for D/L link