Congratulations to last week’s TrackMeet winner: Billy The Kid and his track, “Let’s Go Seattle.”

This week’s edition features three artists with a bit more of a rep than past contestants. If you’re one who pays close attention to Seattle’s hip-hop movement, you’ll probably recognize them. Now get to listening and voting…


LANE 1: “I Be Me” – WUF TIX (Myspace pages here and here)

Press Play to hear “I Be Me” by WUF TIX. Click here to download it.

LANE 2: “I Love You” – Akrish

Press Play to hear “I Love You” by Akrish. Get it here.

LANE 3: “Sounds Of My City” – Luck-One

Press Play to Hear “Sounds Of My City” by Luck-One. Click here to download.


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