VIDEO: “Sounds Of My City” – Luck-One

A few months ago, when I wasn’t slacking as much on the blog, Luck-One’s “Sounds Of My City” was a candidate on The TrackMeet (R.I.P…for now). I try really hard not to insert myself into the conversation over which track is the freshest because the whole point of the contest is to let the readership decide. But for this brief instance, I digress. Inexplicably, Luck-One finished last in the voting — an insane notion considering dude is one of the most exciting lyricists to emerge from the Pacific Northwest in a minute (503UP). For proof, cop his debut album True Theory now. To see/hear a little of his backstory as a struggling artist, watch the clip above.


206UP.COM’s The TrackMeet (2.18.11)


Congratulations to last week’s TrackMeet winner: Billy The Kid and his track, “Let’s Go Seattle.”

This week’s edition features three artists with a bit more of a rep than past contestants. If you’re one who pays close attention to Seattle’s hip-hop movement, you’ll probably recognize them. Now get to listening and voting…


LANE 1: “I Be Me” – WUF TIX (Myspace pages here and here)

Press Play to hear “I Be Me” by WUF TIX. Click here to download it.

LANE 2: “I Love You” – Akrish

Press Play to hear “I Love You” by Akrish. Get it here.

LANE 3: “Sounds Of My City” – Luck-One

Press Play to Hear “Sounds Of My City” by Luck-One. Click here to download.

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