NEW MUSIC: Symbiosis – Araless

Araless - Symbiosis

Black Magic Noize crew member Araless dropped his new album, Symbiosis, earlier this week. Unsurprisingly, it nods to the Golden Era of hip-hop with a sample heavy, boom-bap aesthetic. There are a some nice surprises in here, like the Charlie Brown Christmas hack “Brutal Murder” (featuring Hash Adams), and the previously released “Cloudcatchers” (featuring New York MC Mike Larry Draw), a meditative, philosophical stroll through the rap haze. Ara does his due diligence with a studied, diverse flow. A solid project all around from one of the Town’s lesser-known artists.


NEW MUSIC: “Cloudcatchers” – Araless (feat. Mike Larry Draw; prod. by Smear One)

Cloudcatchers - Araless feat Mike Larry Draw

Araless grabbed our attention last summer when he won our not-quite-monthly song competition, The TrackMeet. He followed that up in December with the boom-bap revivalist gem “Attention”. And now that we’ve given you the brief history of this still under-the-radar MC, he’s back yet again with “Cloudcatchers”, a plodding, sorta gloomy, sorta captivating knowledge drop. This one features New York rapper Mike Larry Draw and was produced by Tacoma’s Smear One (because “Jake” and “Bean” were already taken). Watch for Symbiosis coming soon from Araless.