206UP.COM’s The TrackMeet is a regular feature here on the blog that pits three relatively new or up-and-coming local hip-hop artists against each other in a battle-of-the-songs style competition. It’s easy to participate if you’re a reader: Just listen to the three featured tracks and then vote for your favorite in the online poll below. Voting lasts for one week. Each winning entrant will be featured on an upcoming TrackMeet Mixtape (the first edition of which you can download here). If you’re an artist looking to submit for an upcoming competition, click here for submission guidelines.

A fresh weekend means a fresh round of TrackMeet competitors. Meet this week’s contestants below and vote for your favorite in the online poll.


LANE 1: “Robots” – Araless

One Above Below None

LANE 2: “Brain Fart” – One Above Below None (OABN)

The Sunshine

LANE 3: “Pu$$y Palace” – The Sunshine

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