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Dave B‘s Doughnuts, the promised follow-up to the rapper’s full-bodied Coffee EP, has since gone the way of the dodo. No matter. Last year saw the MC collaborate most effectively with The Physics’ main man Justo on School Daze, a pristine set of in-the-wind boom bap overlaid by Dave’s insightful, whirling nostalgia.

Loosies is merely two joints long but bills itself as a tasting menu for a promised full-length due sometime in the new calendar year. Here’s hoping that happens.

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VIDEO: “For The Love” – Harry Clean (feat. Dave B, JusMoni & YK Ari)

Harry Clean (of venerated Town rap video production house Detooz Films) presents his first short film/music video in which he appears as the primary star and performer. Harry pulls out all the stops for this one, including a trippy dream sequence (or is it a blunted reality?), images of him and the crew posted in the parking lot, and a grip of dope cameos from members of the Seattle hip-hop community.

For more on Harry and his hustle, check out the Q&A we did with him earlier in the year.



NEW MUSIC: School Daze – Dave B & Justo


School Daze is the new collaborative project between young Seattle upstart Dave B and the quickly-approaching-venerable-producer-status Justo (of The Physics). Its nine tracks blend breezily together thanks to Just’s boom-bap meets new school soul production and Dave’s effortless observant charm. School Daze is one of the most worthy 206 releases of the year and it’s available for free, dammit. Preview three of the EPs songs below and click Dave’s flashing head above to get it via Dropbox.


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NEW MUSIC: “He Got Game” – Dave B (prod. by Justo)

Dave B - He Got Game

Expect breezy, pristine beats and rhymes from School Daze, the upcoming project by rapper Dave B and The Physics’ in-house producer Justo. “He Got Game” is the first drop, a wistful look back at Dave’s high school basketball days. This sounds like a Seattle summer to us.


NEW MUSIC: “Boathouse” – Dave B (feat. Sol; prod. by Jake One)

Dave B - Boathouse

Dave B and Sol lament tragic female figures on this new joint; I think the commonly used term is “jump offs”. In any case, the hazy, neon-lit beat is courtesy of Jake One and it knocks ever so smoothly in the din of a hot-boxed “Boathouse”. Not that I would know or anything.


NEW MUSIC: “Cigarettes” – Dave B (prod. by Kuddie Fresh)

Dave B - Cigarettes

The New Year will find the release of Dave B’s The Doughnuts EP, the follow-up to one of 206UP’s favorite rookie albums from last year, The Coffee EP. We like coffee and doughnuts. Dave is playing his cards right.

“Cigarettes” was produced by Kuddie Fresh of Tha Bizness and draws parallels between beautiful vices.


THE SIX: Featuring Dave B

Photo courtesy of the artist's Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of the artist’s Facebook page.

[THE SIX is a regular interview feature on 206UP.COM with a simple format: One local hip-hop artist and six questions. For past editions click here.]

Dave B impressed at the 2013 edition of EMP’s Sound Off! competition enough to take home the top prize. Now the solo MC is on the heels of his well-rounded and polished The Coffee EP, one of this blog’s favorite 206 releases of the year. Dude has the gift-of-gab — a little bit Chance The Rapper and a little bit J Cole, able to switch between punchline-laced brag rap and edge-of-the-bed pillow talk. Four wisdom teeth lighter these days, the MC took time out during his recovery to answer THE SIX.

206UP: You won EMP’s annual Sound Off! competition this year. Their website says, “Dave B, the hip-hop group with the sweet beats and saucy swagger won out.” Whoever did this write-up should probably never win an award for music journalism. How would you personally — and more accurately — describe your style?

Dave B: Right, definitely not for hip hop at least. But I’d say it’s for sure nostalgic. I like to think it’s sorta jazzy, tight as fuck. All that.

What’s your earliest 206 rap-related memory?

Aww man, I remember when I was like 16 I ran into GMK and J Pinder in the keyboard rooms at Guitar Center, like right after White Van Music came out. Thought I was hella cool all week.

I think you sound a little like Chance the Rapper. Who do folks typically say you remind them of, and do you think it’s accurate?

I always get like Cole or somebody in that lane. But after Sound Off! this cat told me if Slick Rick and Phife had a baby who could rap it’d be me. I don’t know if I agree. It was entertaining as fuck to hear though.

What was the genesis for “Andy Warhol/Monroe”? Do you have a special love for those two pop culture icons?

Not really. I appreciate a lot of art [and] artists out of Warhol’s generation but those songs were more just a product of my thoughts that day prior to hitting the studio. And it was most likely just a regular day.

You just had your wisdom teeth pulled. Can we expect a Kanye, through-the-wire-type rap soon?

Never, haha. That shit hurt way too bad. It was all about applesauce and Tumblr. I wrote a haiku about a burger I wanted the second day, though I don’t think it’ll make any album.

Finally, tease your next upcoming project(s) for the readers.

The Doughnuts EP, July. Wake that ass.

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