VIDEO: “Young Seattle 4 ” – Sam Lachow (feat. B Skeez, Gifted Gab, Raz Simone, Dave B, Key Nyata, & Ariana DeBoo)

Words by Luke Wigren

As I turned the ripe old age of 27 this year, and later as I watched Sam Lachow’s recent video “Young Seattle 4,” I began to wonder to myself: What is “young.” Who has it? Is it a physical state or a media conspiracy designed to make us go to malls? And most perplexing of all: Where does all the old stuff go?

“Young Seattle 4,” the latest in a series which began in 2010, didn’t really answer my questions, but I did like it. The video is not “young” in the sense that we have become accustomed to seeing many of these artists around the Town, but “young” because they do all happen to be among Seattle’s emerging rap vanguard. They face the daunting challenge of taking on the mantle of what, on nearly every measure, was a stellar wave of Sea-town hip hop, from Macklemore’s world domination to the Blue Scholars’ soulful dissent. (“Old Seattle” anyone?)

As if creating art and growing up in the shadow of giants weren’t hard enough, “Young Seattle” is maneuvering the pitfalls of this generation’s age obsession where appealing to Tweens on Snapchat trumps musical ability, where we narrowly obsess over an annual Freshman Class by a print magazine desperately clinging to relevance, and where, well, every 5th rapper is “Young Something.”

The “Young Seattle” new wave promises to be no less stellar than its predecessors, and this video is wonderful for our busted attention spans, but remember a sampler platter does not a meal make. Do as the video was meant to inspire you to do, and dig into the vast trove of music these artists have crafted in such a short time.

Check out Sam Lachow’s latest album, Friends, Funk & Liquor, here.

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AUDIO: Punch Drunk – Dave B

Dave B - Punch Drunk

Dave B — former EMP Sound Off! champ and one of the prime ringleaders of Seattle’s current rap youth wave — dropped his new album, Punch Drunk, last Friday. Dave is full of his typical sly swagger here, obsessed with love and lust — refreshingly — in equal parts, and recalling the few formative moments in his relatively young life. At first listen, Punch Drunk coasts easily on these beats, riding Dave’s effortless charms and neo-boom-bap production. But secondary and tertiary spins reveal an especially self-aware young man with low-key neuroses he’s more than happy to flesh out on wax, albeit with a lyrical deftness slick as rainwater.

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AUDIO: “Sleeping Alone” – The Physics (feat. Dave B)

The Physics - WYWH

The Physics are gearing up for the release of their new EP, Wish You Were Here, set to drop May 29. Catch them performing at Food & Sh*t’s special pop-up dinner at Pot in Los Angeles this Sunday, 5/24. Cop tickets to the WYWH album release party at Neumos on 5/29. And peep the latest drop from the album, “Sleeping Alone” (featuring Dave B), which rides and slides along like Jodeci circa 1993.

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VIDEO: “Windows Down” – Brothers From Another (feat. Dave B; dir. by Jon Holman)

Good things happen in empty parking lots on rainy Seattle nights. Brothers From Another come a little harder than you’re used to — albeit not without a dose of their trademark playfulness — in “Windows Down” featuring fellow Seattle rap youth Dave B. From BFA’s recent 3-Peat EP. Video directed by Jon Holman, track produced by Gus Goldman and Nima Skeemz.

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AUDIO: “About Her” – Kevin Lavitt (feat. Dave B & Mario Sweet)


Kevin Lavitt - About Her

Kevin Lavitt — frequent collaborator of Raz Simone and Sam Lachow — dropped a new single last week: “About Her” featuring raps by Dave B and vocals by Mario Sweet. It’s from Kevin’s forthcoming Planets. This one grooves and swings in all the right ways and is a testament to the bubbling R&B talent in Seattle.

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