VIDEO: “The Three Rules” – Art Vandelay (dir. by Ricky Pharoe)

“The Three Rules” music video by Art Vandelay. Take 2. Ricky Pharoe “hated” the first version, and if you go back to our original YouTube post of that clip, you get an ominous “This Video Does Not Exist”. I can’t think of a more fitting message when it comes to Ricky and his producer cohort Mack Formway, Seattle’s top professors of hip hop pessimism.

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NEW MUSIC: Eye 8 The Crow – Art Vandelay

Click album cover to download.

Click album cover to download.

More laughter in the face of societal degradation by Art Vandelay. Eye 8 The Crow is the duo’s third album in as many years. We’re still breathing and listening, much to Ricky Pharoe and Mack Formway’s chagrin.

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VIDEO: “Eye 8 The Crow / So What?” – Art Vandelay

Resident purveyors of gloom Art Vandelay let loose with this dope drop from their upcoming Eye 8 The Crow (due April 2). The video for “Eye 8 The Crow / So What?” premiered over at shuckmeister central, VICE, which just goes to show there is more of an audience for the less-than-sunnier side of Seattle rap than you might have thought.