DOWNLOAD: Coffee and Beats – John Crown

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Tacoma’s blue collar rhymer John Crown presents Coffee and Beats, the MC’s first full-length album. Bits and pieces of the record in the form of impressive one-offs have been released scattershot for the last few months. The most impressive was “Like This,” a collab with the Bronx’s favorite underground son, Action Bronson. The track appears again here along with 11 other joints of rugged Red Wing boot goodness. More thoughts later.


DOWNLOAD: “Like This” – John Crown (feat. Action Bronson)

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A lot of nice MC’s are putting in work in the Pac NW these days, but very few sound like actual stars. Tacoma rhymer John Crown is one of those. To me he sounds a lot like Kanye West if Kanye could actually rap; or Freeway if Free had a voice that you could actually listen to for more than three songs at a time. On “Like This” he gets some help from Queens MC Action Bronson and a nice rugged joint by producer Mike Weed. “Like This” is off Crown’s forthcoming Coffee and Beats.

“Like This” – John Crown (feat. Action Bronson)


DOWNLOAD: “Ridin’ Clean” – John Crown feat. Element

John Crown is the best emcee from Tacoma you’ve never heard of. He’s an everyman rapper with a down-to-earth style that’s easy to respect and ride for. JC reminds me a little of the Philly Freezer minus the grating voice and with an added dash of Red Wing Boot ruggedness. His upcoming project is called Coffee and Beats — watch for it. Get his late 2010 offering, Before I Wake You Up EP for FREE, here.

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DOWNLOAD: “Posse On Broadway (Remix)” – EvergreenOne, John Crown, Gazmo, & Fice

There is a street called “Broadway” in Tacoma. To my knowledge it’s not as major as the one running through Capitol Hill. EvergreenOne, John Crown, Gazmo, and Fice make it sound that way, however, on this remix to the legendary Seattle track of the same name.

(My favorite part is when John Crown brags about his Red Wings costing more than Jordans. #RealTacomaTalk.)

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Click Play to listen to “Posse On Broadway (Remix)” by EvergreenOne, John Crown, Gazmo, and Fice. Click here for the D/L link.