206UP EXCLUSIVE PREMIER: “The Bizness” – Kublakai

Fresh for your viewing pleasure — and purely exclusive here on 206UP — is the premier of Kublakai’s new music video for his track, “The Bizness”, directed by Eric Burritt.

Sometimes the rap game reminds me of the…garage sale game? The fleecing of artists at all levels of the “industry” is based on the same damn principles. Kubi goes in against it with characteristic levity over a Bean One slapper.

Go grab Kubi’s Kubi Zoo for this song and other rap excursions by one of Seattle’s underground favorites.

206UP Exclusive Video Video Premier

206UP EXCLUSIVE (PREVIEW): “The Bizness” Music Video – Kublakai

Kublakai - The Bizness

The rapper Kublakai — long time friend of the blog and perpetual move-maker in the Six (and beyond) — has found himself rejuvenated with March’s Kubi Zoo, a collection of previously released tracks and a handful of new ones. New energy means new videos and 206UP will happily feature the exclusive premier of his latest clip for “The Bizness” this Tuesday. Stay tuned, fam.

206UP Exclusive Audio Previews Video Premier

NEW MUSIC: Kubi Zoo – Kublakai

Kubi Zoo - Kublakai

For his latest LP release, Kubi Zoo, Kublakai reached into his back catalog — remixing, remastering and producing new music videos for previously released songs. The MC describes the fruits of this labor as therapeutic and liberating. In the process, he also created five new tracks that fit in well with the old; one of those is “Daybreak” for which an accompanying video is featured below.

Audio Video

NEW MUSIC: “The Only Dance There Is” – Kublakai (feat. Rachel Gavaletz)

Click here to visit the Kublakai merch page.

Click here to visit the Kublakai merch page.

Kublakai is back with a new album (KUBI ZOO coming early next year), a new single (“The Only Dance There Is” which you can stream below) and some new merch (that’s his adorable little penguin avatar on the hoodie above). At the risk of turning this post into a full-blown promotional for the underground rapper, I’ll also say if you’re into gonzo-style, free-associative press emails, then hit the man up to get on his distribution list. You won’t be sorry.

“The Only Dance There Is” – Kublakai feat. Rachel Gavaletz