NEW MUSIC: Kubi Zoo – Kublakai

Kubi Zoo - Kublakai

For his latest LP release, Kubi Zoo, Kublakai reached into his back catalog — remixing, remastering and producing new music videos for previously released songs. The MC describes the fruits of this labor as therapeutic and liberating. In the process, he also created five new tracks that fit in well with the old; one of those is “Daybreak” for which an accompanying video is featured below.

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VIDEO: “Clap Yo Hands” – Kublakai (feat. Symmetry)

Kublakai reaches into the vaults (at least six years, by my estimation) and unearths the track “Clap Yo Hands” (from his The Basics LP) for this fresh, self-directed clip co-starring Symmetry and a quartet of fly dancers.


NEW MUSIC: “The Only Dance There Is” – Kublakai (feat. Rachel Gavaletz)

Click here to visit the Kublakai merch page.

Click here to visit the Kublakai merch page.

Kublakai is back with a new album (KUBI ZOO coming early next year), a new single (“The Only Dance There Is” which you can stream below) and some new merch (that’s his adorable little penguin avatar on the hoodie above). At the risk of turning this post into a full-blown promotional for the underground rapper, I’ll also say if you’re into gonzo-style, free-associative press emails, then hit the man up to get on his distribution list. You won’t be sorry.

“The Only Dance There Is” – Kublakai feat. Rachel Gavaletz


NEW MUSIC: Monster Music EP – Kublakai

Click album cover to download.

Some remastered past releases and two new joints from Kublakai, he of the batshit crazy press emails. His words:

As I wrote before (who was paying attention?!?), these songs are not “dark” per-se, just darker than normal. I like to keep it light breezy and positive because I believe that music can inspire and change the world for the better but sometimes you just gotta vent. These songs seemed good together and have a little more of an edge to them. Monsters in the closet, skeletons under the bed type ish….Thus, Monster Music.

Click here to download the EP.

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VIDEO: “One of a Kind” – Kublakai

Some Friday class for that ass courtesy Kub-“I’m Huge In Japan”-lakai. The Seattle market is currently saturated with music video directors and Mike Folden is not one of the sh-tty ones. He flips the B&W switch here for some casual cool. Get Kublakai’s The Basics 2, here.

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