DOWNLOAD: The Basics 2 – Kublakai

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Kublakai raps hard, parties harder and beats himself up over mistakes he’s made in romantic relationships the hardest. That’s the kind of MC he was on 2009’s Lights for the Dark Nights and the M.O. holds on The Basics 2, his most recent full-length. Full of tribute to the underground rap lifestyle and just life in general, TB2 is satisfying boom-bap from a rapper with well-honed skills and a comfortable self-effacing honesty.

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VIDEO: “Lights” – Kublakai

Kublakai (who you might also recognize as 33.3% of every local college student’s favorite Town crew, The Let Go) dropped this clip a few days ago. Looks like the homie is making a belated push to get his massively under-appreciated 2009 EP, Lights For The Dark Nights back out into Seattle’s collective conscious. In case you missed it before, click on the album cover below for the D/L link.

Click album cover to D/L.

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