AUDIO: “Breathe” – Blakk Soul (feat. The Good Sin; prod. by Kuddie Fresh)

Blakk Soul - Breathe

What happens when the mass media coverage of #BlackLivesMatter fades away and those who were happy to protest at the height of the mainstream frenzy go on living their lives like nothing ever happened? Songs like “Breathe” are the reminders that we all need. Singer Blakk Soul and rapper The Good Sin speak well on the track, and Kuddie Fresh offers up an appropriately mournful instrumental.

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NEW MUSIC: “Cigarettes” – Dave B (prod. by Kuddie Fresh)

Dave B - Cigarettes

The New Year will find the release of Dave B’s The Doughnuts EP, the follow-up to one of 206UP’s favorite rookie albums from last year, The Coffee EP. We like coffee and doughnuts. Dave is playing his cards right.

“Cigarettes” was produced by Kuddie Fresh of Tha Bizness and draws parallels between beautiful vices.


VIDEO: “Ron Burgundy” – Parker Brothaz (prod. by Kuddie Fresh)

It’s been a minute since the brothers Parker have dropped heat together (remember this one?). Real life got in the way of the team for a bit, but the duo is reunited for the track and accompanying video “Ron Burgundy”, in which the brothers recreate the penultimate fight scene from the eponymous movie. The Parker Report is coming later this year featuring production by Kuddie Fresh and Tha Bizness.

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NEW MUSIC: Talk Ain’t Cheap – Royce The Choice

Royce The Choice - Talk Ain't Cheap

Royce The Choice selected some (ahem) choice production partners for his latest EP, Talk Ain’t Cheap. Vitamin D, Kuddie Fresh and GMK all lend beats, and this blog’s favorite Town rapper of the moment, Porter Ray, shows up on “For The Jeeps”. You can also catch Royce getting a bit of national burn on DJ Mustard’s Ketchup mixtape.

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VIDEO: “Go For Broke” – TH3RDZ (prod. by Kuddie Fresh; dir. by Eric Miller)

This That & TH3RDZ is scheduled to drop June 18 on Camobear records. The best thing about this Oldominion supergroup is how they combine slap-heavy party joints with smart humor and some of the deftest lyricism you’ll find anywhere on the Western seaboard. We talk a lot about chemistry when it comes to the best team-ups in rap, and TH3RDZ is a perfectly balanced formula.