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Dave B is a new kid on the scene. Linking with established producers KD Cutz, Tryfe and Kuddie Fresh, his full-length (and un-Googleable-y titled) album MCMXCII (that’s 1992 for those of you not up on your Roman numeral game) dropped today. Click through the images above for the download.

Below check out his most recent video for “Honor Roll” (directed by Avi Loud) and catch Dave opening for Brothers From Another at the Crocodile on July 29.

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VIDEO: “Big Bro” – Fatal Lucciauno

I love the slow crawling menace of this track (those heavy keys and stabbing synth are courtesy of producer Kuddie Fresh). Is Respect the best Seattle hip-hop album of the year thus far? The answer’s “Yes” for my money.


DOWNLOAD: Agony & Exstacy – Candidt

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Got a couple “from the vault”-type posts coming today. The first is this new/old drop from Candidt, Agony & Exstacy. Check for dude rapping over tracks by Vitamin D and Kuddie Fresh (before Kuddie was KUDDIE, you know what I mean). The history below:

After the smoke cleared from Candidt’s 1996 hood classic album “Dookiebraid Soul” he found himself at a crossroads. Main DBS producer M.A.S had gone to LA to produce, drummer Davey C was busy playing and touring with numerous bands and K. Boogie plain and simply hit a rough patch in his life. Candidt did not fret, he teamed up with legendary Seattle producer Vitamin D and up and coming producer and Cousin Kuddie Fresh and created “Agony & Exstasy.” A soulful, lyrical, polished, vibed-out, laser-tongued, head-nodding collection of hip hop many considered as yet another Candidt hood classic album. Written and recorded 1998-2000, many would say that A&E is the sound that really stamped a solid footprint in the world of music for Candidt. The entire album is now available for free download! Enjoy, share and vibe-out to Candidt’s “Agony & Exstasy.”


VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: “Make A Way” -Th3rdz

This just in from Th3rdz:

Th3rdz back with a bangin homage to mashin.  Mashin is perseverance and diligence. Th3rdz sound and style over this stompin Kuddie Fresh beat is outlined with flow, lyrics, hook and soul. Candidt, Xperience and JFK spit it and pulled off a unique heater over a double break groove.

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DOWNLOAD: “Big Bro” – Fatal Lucciauno (prod. by Kuddie Fresh)

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“Big Bro” is the second drop from Fatal Lucciauno’s upcoming Respect (street date: February 21 on Sportn’ Life Records). Cliched rap terms like “thug poet” and “‘hood philosopher” get thrown around a lot these days, but I don’t know of any other MC in Seattle that fits the mold better than Fatal. In fact, I don’t know if Seattle has ever had a better representative to these classifications. Don’t take my word for it, though. Go ask an OG head.