NEW MUSIC: The Revelations – Xperience (prod. by MTK)

Xperience - The Revelations

Finally got a chance to check out XP’s new EP, The Revelations. Local master of bombast MTK is responsible for producing all eight tracks which are very Just Blaze-ish in their big-samples-meets-big-synth grandiosity. “Make Enough” (featuring Hellfyre Club’s resident genius Open Mike Eagle) and “Take Me Back” (with Q Dot and Ashley Dubose) were highlights for me. Xperience has always sounded like he’s rapping (and singing) from the pulpit, but on Revelations he explicitly puts himself there: check out “Walk By Faith” for rap proselytizing on wax, the likes of which Seattle hasn’t really seen before.

Stream the EP on DJ Booth here and drop some change for the record on iTunes here. Also, check out the video for “New Religion” below.

Audio Video

VIDEO: “At It Again” – Prometheus Brown & Bambu (The Bar)

Here’s the latest video treatment for The Bar’s “At It Again” off that Walk Into A Bar record you should already have by now. The story about this one via the crew’s YouTube:

Footage shot July 2011 in Honolulu, HI by Canh Solo, lost in a devastating hard drive crash, miraculously recovered in 2012, and edited by Prometheus Brown in one stoned night.


NEW MUSIC: Sophisticated Slap – MTK

Click album cover to purchase at Bandcamp.

One thing producer MTK isn’t, is subtle. Everything in his production warehouse — from the beats, to the synth, to the samples — are big, powerhouse workouts of hip-hop composition. Sophisticated Slap is a sampler collection of the nationally-sought local producer otherwise known as Matthew Crabtree. The collection, which at its best sounds like the sonic love-child of Just Blaze and Dr. Dre, features a few joints recognizable (previous tracks blessed by RA Scion, Bambu and Prometheus Brown) and others ready for brand new poetical adornment. MCs would be wise to drink their 5-Hour Energys before hopping on, however, as these beats are not conducive to lyrical cut-laying.


DOWNLOAD: #Aklife – Akrish

Click album cover to D/L at Bandcamp.

Bellevue’s Michael Akrish (real name, no gimmicks) dropped this brief hat trick yesterday with assists from MTK and DJ Nphared. Promising area rap from the east side of the Lake.


DOWNLOAD: “At It Again” – Prometheus Brown & Bambu

Click image for D/L link.

The first drop from Prometheus Brown and Bambu’s Beatrock collab, Walk Into A Bar. This partnership feels as natural as that organic sh-t growing in your backyard. Project hits pavement, beach sand and forest floor on July 6.

“At It Again” – Prometheus Brown & Bambu (prod. by MTK)


DOWNLOAD: 3 Songs With MTK – Notion

Click album cover to D/L.

Get familiar with Seattle MC Notion on this pleasantly bumping three-track EP featuring production by MTK. Notion’s high-pitched rasp rides with admirable precision over MTK’s soulful thump, though guest MC Chev (one of the best local rappers flying under the general public’s radar) kills him on his own sh-t on the EP’s best track, “Right Here.”