Xperience - The Revelations

Finally got a chance to check out XP’s new EP, The Revelations. Local master of bombast MTK is responsible for producing all eight tracks which are very Just Blaze-ish in their big-samples-meets-big-synth grandiosity. “Make Enough” (featuring Hellfyre Club’s resident genius Open Mike Eagle) and “Take Me Back” (with Q Dot and Ashley Dubose) were highlights for me. Xperience has always sounded like he’s rapping (and singing) from the pulpit, but on Revelations he explicitly puts himself there: check out “Walk By Faith” for rap proselytizing on wax, the likes of which Seattle hasn’t really seen before.

Stream the EP on DJ Booth here and drop some change for the record on iTunes here. Also, check out the video for “New Religion” below.

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