AUDIO: The Witchtape – Nacho Picasso & 88 Ultra

Nacho Picasso & 88 Ultra - The Witchtape

From the depths of electro-goth rap despair comes The Witchtape, the latest collaboration between Nacho Picasso and Blue Sky Black Death co-maestro 88 Ultra. The supporting cast on this particular descent includes Avatar Darko, Child Actor and Steezie Nasa, among others.

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AUDIO: Stoned & Dethroned – Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death

Nacho & BSBD - Stoned & Dethroned

Stoned & Dethroned, the long-awaited fourth collaborative effort between SRFSCHL team member Nacho Picasso and the dudes that brought him to the dance in the first place, Blue Sky Black Death, has arrived. It bears a strong passing resemblance to everything that came before; if that surprises you then you’re probably the one that’s been sleeping.

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NEW MUSIC: “In The Trump” – Nacho Picasso (prod. by Harry Fraud)


Nacho Picasso has a new label home: Brooklyn-based producer Harry Fraud’s Srfschl (that’s Surfschool if you’re still wondering). “In The Trump” is a little preview of what’s to come from the new creative partners. Harry has always been a do-it-all, Swiss army knife-type producer so this team-up should be interesting.

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NEW MUSIC: “Turn Up” – Caz Greez (feat. Bolo Nef & Nacho Picasso)

Turn Up - Caz Greez

Caz Greez and Bolo Nef, friends from the Underworld Dust Funk collective, exact a plot to destroy the “Turn Up,” by getting decidedly turnt down in this new track featuring Nacho Picasso. We’re running this in the morning, but it sounds like these cats never went to sleep.

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NEW MUSIC: “Cxptain Mxrgan” – Donte Peace (feat. Nacho Picasso; prod. by Maxtrax)

Captain Morgan - Donte Peace & Nacho Picasso

This song is not about Morgan Freeman. It’s not even really about Captain Morgan Rum. It’s mostly about those idle times that wrought devil’s playground hands, told to you by Donte Peace and Nacho Picasso. It’s hella grimy in the best possible way. With someone called Maxtrax on the beat.

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