Fall into love/hate with ’em all over again. This one-take, ten and a half minute clip with the OF kiddies is everything you could’ve hoped for as a fan: simple, unrefined, callow, and creative. The voice of Young America whether you like it or not.

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REVIEW: Goblin – Tyler, The Creator

Comparing the music of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All to that of its hip-hop forebears has become quite fashionable. At this point in the group’s existence, critics have deconstructed the music in terms of rap sub-genre (“It’s horrorcore!”), hip-hop artists that have covered similar lyrical ground (“They’re like Eminem!”), and even through alignment with other genres that may not share rap’s musical aesthetic but find commonality in anarchic spirit (“A new version of punk!”). Comparatives are part and parcel of music journalism, but when they’re relied upon so heavily, as has been the case with Odd Future, the dreaded final analysis is usually that the subject is so derivative that nothing original can possibly be said.

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VIDEO: “Sandwitches” – Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats of Odd Future on Jimmy Fallon

So here’s the clip everyone was clamoring about. In case you’re wondering (and in case you’re sitting at your work computer and can’t watch at the moment): Odd Future delivered the goods.

Best parts: ?uestlove appearing like the Zen Drum Master that he is, even as Tyler and Hodgy bring forth chaos all around him; Tyler going apesh-t over at Jimmy Fallon’s desk, scaring the poor white girl (and 99% of Middle America) half to death; an old-ass (looking) Mos Def screaming “SWAG SWAG SWAG!!!” into the camera near the end, a desperate attempt to retain his relevance with the younger set (“See kids! I’m still cool, too!” Don’t worry, Mos, we still love you.)

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