COMEDY: Waiting For 2042 – Hari Kondabolu

Hari Kondabolu - Waiting For 2042

It’s almost the weekend and I wanted to leave you, dear readers, with this brand new gem of a comedy album from Hari Kondabolu, a stand-up from Queens, New York. His brand of humor trends #racial #liberal and #progressive, which makes him sound like a bookish snore. Not the case! I’ve been to many of his shows (and many of his brother’s shows) and, while he certainly does appeal to the socially-minded, racially-conscious among us, he does so with an adeptness rare among contemporary popular comics. If Chris Rock circa Bring The Pain was the embodiment of outward comedic rage as a result of marginalization, then Hari is the smoldering inward counterpart. It’s no wonder he was a writer for the brilliant but (unfortunately) now defunct Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell.

Hari is removed from Seattle by less than a degree of separation — he used to live in the Town and counts Blue Scholars and Macklemore among his friends — so he falls conveniently within 206UP’s purview. In any case, Waiting For 2042 functions as both a comedic insider’s perspective on what it means to be a person of color in America and as a translation for those on the outside (read: white people) who wish to understand what it means. (Those people are rare, but they do exist and I’m trying to collect as many of them as I can.) As it turns out, some of my best friends are actually “you (white) people” and this album is required listening if you hope to keep me around for much longer.

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TGIF: Best of 2012 (So far…)

Friday is Free Day at 206UP.COM, the day where I post whatever the hell I want, free of the encumbrances of Seattle’s small (but totally awesome) hip-hop scene and clear to wander elsewhere through the nation’s rap wilderness. I’ve done a better job at keeping up on new music so far in 2012 than probably any year prior, so allow me to pat myself on the back…

Ahh, that felt nice. Here then is a list of the five best albums (in no particular order) consumed by my ears three months inside the uno-dos:

De La Soul’s Plug 1 and Plug 2 Present: First Serve

Habits and Contradictions – Schoolboy Q

Brooklyknight – Sene

Bell Hooks – BBU

Live Okayplayer Mixtape – D’Angelo

Click to download.

“Left & Right (Live)” – D’Angelo

(Out of) Town Movement Best of 2012

NEW MUSIC: Detroit Revolution(s) – Clear Soul Forces

Click album cover to download.

I often reserve Fridays for posting music not related to my hometown of Seattle, WA. So here’s what’s got me bubbling today:

Detroit upstarts Clear Soul Forces released their official official debut album a couple of weeks ago. Detroit Revolution(s) is the quartet’s refined, polished full-length collection that best highlights the miraculous lyrical achievements of Wimpy, J-Roc, E-Fav, and Ilajade. I first caught wind of this crew here and then said more about ’em here.

CSF is light years ahead of other similarly-aged crews, at least from a technical skills standpoint. Their flows dip, dive, swerve, and veer with ease like a Ducati on the 520 bridge. Lyrical substance-wise, Detroit Revolution(s) elicits a mere “Meh.” Most of the tracks are reserved for rapping about rapping and getting their weight up in “the game.” But what a display of lyricism! If you’re looking for something fresh and shiny to rock to this weekend, I wouldn’t look any further than this.

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Fall into love/hate with ’em all over again. This one-take, ten and a half minute clip with the OF kiddies is everything you could’ve hoped for as a fan: simple, unrefined, callow, and creative. The voice of Young America whether you like it or not.

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DOWNLOAD: “Blink (Def Dee Remix)” – Boog Brown

Click image to D/L.

More remix treatment by Def Dee (for his new label home, Mello Music Group). This time SEA meets ATL in the form of MC Boog Brown. Check the dusty stutter of Def’s beat matched by the get-even yarns spun by Boog.

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VIDEO: “Fire Red” – Khat

Every Khat video I’ve seen thus far has been a visual feast of either ambiguous sex or drug non-sequiturs, which are, you know, kinda cool. Sometimes. This one for “Fire Red” has the closest thing resembling a narrative. Affecting performances by the actors involved squeezes an ocean of allegory from the beautiful and disturbing imagery.

Khat has an EP out, too. It’s called Traphouse and you can grab it for free, here.

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