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I often reserve Fridays for posting music not related to my hometown of Seattle, WA. So here’s what’s got me bubbling today:

Detroit upstarts Clear Soul Forces released their official official debut album a couple of weeks ago. Detroit Revolution(s) is the quartet’s refined, polished full-length collection that best highlights the miraculous lyrical achievements of Wimpy, J-Roc, E-Fav, and Ilajade. I first caught wind of this crew here and then said more about ’em here.

CSF is light years ahead of other similarly-aged crews, at least from a technical skills standpoint. Their flows dip, dive, swerve, and veer with ease like a Ducati on the 520 bridge. Lyrical substance-wise, Detroit Revolution(s) elicits a mere “Meh.” Most of the tracks are reserved for rapping about rapping and getting their weight up in “the game.” But what a display of lyricism! If you’re looking for something fresh and shiny to rock to this weekend, I wouldn’t look any further than this.

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