AUDIO: “Thanks For Asking (Won’t Get Fined Remix)” – Spekulation (feat. Marshawn Lynch)

Spek - Thanks for Asking

Consider these the motions then…

Again, from the region of socked-in cloud cover, emerge heroes bedecked in blue and green,

Statements of purpose made in bygone Roman procession (XLVIII).

The royal legion. The taciturn pivot-er.

If insanity is the repetition of action with recapitulated stead, then let us suffer again as ignoramuses,

Of Spekulation and Marshawn. Of Seahawks and Champions.

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VIDEO: “Seahawks & Gumbo & Sh*t” – Prometheus Brown

Here’s a dilemma I hope I’m faced with next February: Finding enough coin in the couch cushions to travel to the Meadowlands to watch an unnamed hometown team do their damn thing in the unnamed Big Game. (Names have been omitted so as not to jinx their chances — not that I believe in that shit, anyway.)

(Thanks to Pro Brown for the clip.)

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