NEW MUSIC: “Bout That Action (Beast Mode Remix)” / “This Ain’t A Seahawks Anthem” – Spekulation (feat. Marshawn Lynch, Deion Sanders & Prometheus Brown)

Spekulation - Bout That Action

The Super Bowl story that’s not really a story: Marshawn Lynch and his (now trademarked) understated press conference appearances. Somewhere in here lives a thought piece on Marshawn’s brilliant upending of our country’s expectations of how Black athletes should present themselves to the public — the counterpoint to Richard Sherman’s outspoken cries of excellence. Why in God’s name aren’t we wringing our hands over this?!

Town rapper and producer Spekulation gives us the soundtrack for our rumination: “Bout That Action (Beast Mode Remix)” subverts our complex reactions to Marshawn’s curious behavior by employing a singular telling statement made by the man himself. The simple repetition of his sampled words, “Bout that action, boss”, are matched by the equally rudimentary drum pattern of the song, thereby distilling Lynch’s message to its fundamental constituent elements: He is, simply, ’bout that action, boss. And we should be, too. God bless everyone. And God bless the United States of Super Bowl America.

Update, 1.30.14, 4:45pm PST:


And the inevitable remix to the remix: “This Ain’t A Seahawks Anthem”, featuring Prometheus Brown rapping from what sounds like a busy sports bar lobby or the non-business end of his cell phone.

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Abolish the name "Redskins".

[The image above was stolen from Bambu’s Instagram feed on November 21. Kind of like how America was stolen from Natives that one time. Enjoy your meal and the football game. Also, this image will feature on a limited-edition t-shirt, on-sale tomorrow at Bam’s online store. Show your solidarity by purchasing, here. Peace.]

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VIDEO: “Seahawks & Gumbo & Sh*t” – Prometheus Brown

Here’s a dilemma I hope I’m faced with next February: Finding enough coin in the couch cushions to travel to the Meadowlands to watch an unnamed hometown team do their damn thing in the unnamed Big Game. (Names have been omitted so as not to jinx their chances — not that I believe in that shit, anyway.)

(Thanks to Pro Brown for the clip.)

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VIDEO: “Dawgs in the House” – Sol, Geo & Preach (prod. by Jake One)

Former Huskies offensive lineman Gregory “Preach” Christine (of SEA/Cali crew Bent Twig) just posted this clip on Facebook. The penultimate University of Washington Stan track? Probably. Like the four area artists on the song, I live in 1991. #GoDawgs

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