HOLIDAY SHIT: Chrismas Trees – Sta-Hi Brothers


Seattle rap fans are blessed with the greatest Christmas-themed hip hop album in history. Bold statement, but I defy you to find another! The Sta-Hi Brothers (Vitamin D and Maine) released their Chrismas Trees EP two years ago but it deserves revisiting every December 25th. You’ll never listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack the same again.

Download Chrismas Trees for free here, but don’t play it while grandma’s around.

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Abolish the name "Redskins".

[The image above was stolen from Bambu’s Instagram feed on November 21. Kind of like how America was stolen from Natives that one time. Enjoy your meal and the football game. Also, this image will feature on a limited-edition t-shirt, on-sale tomorrow at Bam’s online store. Show your solidarity by purchasing, here. Peace.]

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