VIDEO & NEWS: “Colored People’s Time Machine” Preview – Gabriel Teodros

Taking a cue from Town brethren like Macklemore and Blue Scholars, Gabriel Teodros is asking the fans to help fund the production of his new full-length album, Colored People’s Time Machine, via the IndieGoGo fundraising platform.

Here’s how his campaign tells it:

“Community activist and hip hop pathfinder Gabriel Teodros stands poised to turn the clock backwards to reach the future. His sophomore solo effort, ‘Colored People’s Time Machine’, is an examination of the history, dreams and future of native people everywhere. Not content to analyze the past, Teodros prepares listeners for a future free of the constraints of genre.” – Dume 41

“15 tracks, 9 different producers, 11 featured vocalists later… in many ways ‘Colored People’s Time Machine’ has been the biggest and most involved album I’ve done to date.  It took a few years, some of the most personal songs I’ve ever written, and I want as many people to be able to hear it now as possible.  Getting the funds to put this album out the way we want to hasn’t been easy, and it seems what makes the most sense now is to put the power in your hands.  By ordering the album now, by getting any of the packages offered, or even just by spreading the word, you help this music live.  Can’t wait to share the album with you.” – gabriel teodros

Where is the money going you ask? Publicity (print, web, radio), CD duplication, Printing, Shipping, Design Services, Mixing, Mastering…

And if we don’t make our goal? The album still comes out and packages still get filled… we just have to come up with the rest. Some people may not get paid, and the album might get slept on. All hell will break loose in Seattle’s streets. This can not be an option… pre-order the album today!

Below is a clip of GT performing some of the tracks off CPTM:

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LISTEN (& BUY): Cinemetropolis – Blue Scholars

Click album cover for Bandcamp link.

Breaking news from the Blue Scholars camp (via the good folks — and fellow colleagues — at SSG Music): the crew’s eagerly anticipated third full-length, Cinemetropolis, is now available for streaming and purchase at their Bandcamp page, a full two weeks before its official release date of June 14. Look for a full album review coming soon from 206UP.COM.

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VIDEO: Maureen Interviews Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces

Here’s something different: the mysterious yet very everyday “budding journalist extraordinaire,” Maureen, sat down with Ishmael Butler (otherwise known as Palaceer Lazaro of Shabazz Palaces — introduction extraneous if you’re a regular reader of this website). The clip above is a very brief preview.

Having a non-hop-hop head interview a very accomplished hip-hop artist, especially someone as ethereally-oriented as Butler, is something like asking a child to interview a physicist about how a nuclear fusion reactor is constructed. Non-sequiturs, possibly of the beautiful and unexpectedly insightful, may ensue. Make sure to watch for the interview in its entirety in the coming weeks.

On the album tip, SP’s Sub Pop debut, Black Up, is set for a June 28 release. But if you place an advance order on the LP before May 31, the label provides you with instant streaming access to the album and a free patch designed by the artist. Click here to take advantage of that offer.

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BREAKING NEWS: Blue Scholars Signs With “The People”

Click photo for the press release.

Blue Scholars’ third full-length album, Cinemetropolis, is scheduled for a June 2011 release and it stands to be their most innovative collection of beats and rhymes yet. Drawing on inspiration from their mutual love of film, Sabzi (beats) and Geologic (rhymes) will create a “reverse soundtrack,” whereby the songs of Cinemetropolis influence a subsequent collection of video and multimedia projects.

The seminal Town crew is asking the people (and by “the people,” I mean “us”) to help bring this project to fruition, setting a goal of raising $25,000 in 45 days to help fund the project. Blue Scholars is perhaps the only current SEA hip-hop group with a large and devoted enough following to make something like this possible. In conjunction with Kickstarter, folks can pledge cold hard cash (as little as $1) toward the Cinemetropolis cause. In return, various types of swag are proffered.

Some might chalk this effort up to unchecked rap hubris, but if you know anything about Blue Scholars’ fiercely independent history, you’ll know this is an honest attempt at connecting with fans on a more personal level and another way to avoid the f-ckery of major label machinations. (The campaign personally reminds me of when my moms used to donate money to PBS during its annual pledge drives. Same thing.)

Consider making a donation (and read more about the Cinemetropolis project), here.

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SHOW: Shabazz Palaces & THEESatisfaction @ Neumos 2.17.11

Did you hear THEESatisfaction signed to Sub Pop? That’s the word around Town, anyway — certainly news worthy of an eyebrow raise. A hearty and heartfelt congratulations to Cat and Stas from 206UP.COM!

Check them out with labelmates (!) Shabazz Palaces at Neumos on February 17. A series of incredibly dope show flyers like the one above can be viewed on THEESatisfaction’s blog, here.

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THEESatisfaction Makin’ Moves

206UP.COM loves THEESatisfaction. Not only because of their immeasurable talent and fresh sounds, but because of their willingness to so boldly reach for what they believe in. Their commitment to the art of hip-hop and passion for music will propel them to places most other groups only dream of reaching. Exhibit A: The Black Weirdo Tour.

Here’s a list of dates (including engagements at the monster music festival, SXSW in Austin, Texas — yeee!!).

Here’s a website where you can donate money for the tour.

And here’s the tour flyer:

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Special Announcement

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve further committed to filling up even more of my down time with yet another pro-bono writing endeavor.

I’ve started contributing New Music write-ups to everyone’s favorite source for independent music in Seattle: the lovely Seattle Show Gal. Which, in case you don’t already know, is a collection of music bloggers comprised of more than just one “Gal.” There are many of us “Gals,” some of whom are not even “Gals” at all, but guys. Like me.

Anyway, I’ll be cross-posting my write-ups on 206UP.COM in a futile attempt to not compete with myself (futile because SSG collects literally hundreds of thousands of hits a month, compared to my pithy few hundred). Or you can catch everything I write on SSG here.

And just a reminder, I contribute full album Reviews to the faithful hip-hop heads over at Above Ground Magazine (shout to Tyler, Dominick, et al). It’s cold in Iowa (where AGM is based), so I figured adding a little 206 fire to their midwest freezer is the least I can do. Ha.


Now act like you know and tell a friend!

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