DOWNLOAD: “I’m Ridin Jewelry In The District/Diamond Jewelry Rims Spinnin” – King Smooth Ace

Here’s one for the Oddities File. King Smooth Ace left this in the 206UP.COM Inbox a couple weeks ago. Perplexing but vaguely familiar, I put ‘er into the Google Machine and was quickly reminded of this Raindrophustla post from April 2010. We live in a complex world, but King Smooth Ace’s unwavering focus on his diamond jewelry spinning rims is a refreshing reminder of what we can accomplish when staying fixated on our goals.

Similar to the tracks themselves, I have no idea what that last sentence meant. No matter. Even with a mouth on heavy anesthetic from the dentist, which is what King Smooth Ace sounds like he’s suffering from on these two “songs,” the celebration of spinning rims wins out. This post is making less and less sense the longer it goes on, so with that, I’ll sign off. (I can’t believe I spent two paragraphs on this.)

“I’m Ridin Jewelry In The District” – King Smooth Ace

“I’m Ridin Diamond Jewelry Rims Spinnin” – King Smooth Ace

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