AUDIO: Trap Alien – Steezie Nasa

Steezie NASA - Trap Alien - cover

Profoundly weird and exceptionally profane, Moor Gang foot soldier Steezie Nasa’s new album, Trap Alien, is a buzzing obelisk hovering over the Six. Steezie’s vocals are unabashedly auto-tuned, which makes for a cold sense of isolation throughout the record. That is, until the final track where he finally shouts out “My Dogs.”

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NEW MUSIC: Lucky 7 – Steezie Nasa

Steezie Nasa - Lucky 7

Moor Gang/Cloud Nice affiliate Steezie Nasa dropped a brand new seven-piece three days ago. The usual Moor suspects have their fingerprints all over this one: MackNed, Rob Skeetz, et al. And Caz Greez lends bars to one track, thereby closing the circle on two of the Town’s best rap collectives.

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VIDEO: “Ned’s World” – Mackned (feat. Thaddeus David & Steezie Nasa)

You may not have heard Mackned rap, but you’ve probably heard his beats. He’s all over Thaddeus David’s latest, None The Less (scroll down for that), and he’s one of Moor Gang’s in-house producers. Fellow MG troublemakers TH and Steezie Nasa show up on the title track to Mack’s solo album which you can download below. If trap ruled the world…

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VIDEO: “Air Em Out” – Steezie Nasa (feat. D Valley)

The latest collab from Moor Gang member Steezie Nasa and Harry Clean of Detooz Films concerns some less-than-reputable behavior. Dig it. (D Valley is the guest and Raised By Wolves the pad jockey.)