DOWNLOAD: Hella Proper – Steezie Nasa

Click album cover for D/L link.

Hella Proper is the, er, proper debut EP from BadAssYellowBoyz member (by way of Cloud Nice, of course), Steezie Nasa. Dude rocks what I like to call a “question mark flow,” lacing the ends of his bars with arching inflections, regardless of whether or not his smart-ass statement was an inquiry. HP‘s nine tracks are dressed down in the familiar orchestral trap that BAYB fans will find comforting unless (as Steezie puts it) they’re too “yopped up,” in which case they might find the rapid-fire high-hats unsettling. I certainly enjoyed it.


VIDEO: “Like A Movie (Steezattle)” – Steezie Nasa (feat. D. Carter)

Here’s guessing the Mariners brass wouldn’t be super happy about Steezie’s guerrilla video tactics in the 300 level. Kids will be kids, though. By the way, hella youngsters rockin’ the Air Max Griffey 95’s out in NY. Last time I was home I spent nearly an hour digging through my dad’s garage looking for my pair of originals and couldn’t find ’em. Damn you, Spring cleaning.

(P.S. Love the Sabzi cameo thrown in for good measure.)