206UP.COM’s The TrackMeet (1/21/11)

Welcome to this week’s edition of 206UP.COM’s The TrackMeet. If you were paying attention last Friday, then you already know. If you weren’t, click here to see what you missed. (And where the hell were you last week? HUH??)

Anyway, congratulations to last week’s TrackMeet winner, Living Proof with their track, “Full Speed.” The name of the song is apt, as Proof pretty much ran away from the other two competitors, garnering over 50% of the votes. (You must have large families with internet access who love you.)

Now get busy listening and voting for your favorite this week. Here they are…

LANE 1: “Lock It Down, Sew It Up” – A Day and A Wakeup

Click Play to hear “Lock it Down, Sew it Up” by A Day and A Wakeup. Click here to get it.

LANE 2: “We Just Changed The World” – Project Lionheart f/Bronze Nazareth and Yirim Seck

Click Play to hear “We Just Changed The World” by Project Lionheart (f/Bronze Nazareth & Yirim Seck). Click here to get it.

LANE 3: “Searchin” – Superfire f/Camila

Click Play to hear “Searchin” by Superfire f/Camila. Click here to download Superfire’s FREE EP, Off The Clock.

Downloads The TrackMeet

DOWNLOAD: “Fade Out” (SuperFire)

It’s generally a surprise when something in the 206UP.COM inbox turns out to be half decent. Nine times out of ten, the random emails I open are like the seven o’clock time slot on KUBE 93: a complete waste of my time.

This group, SuperFire, hit me up a few days ago. As you can tell from the picture they sent, both dudes resemble freshmen at Western Washington University — I would know, I went there. So needless to say, when I saw their picture I was like, “Shahh…right!”

The two cuts they sent aren’t bad, however. The rhyming is on point and the beats are pleasing, if not a little derivative. As it is with most Town hip-hop acts, the jury’s still out on SuperFire, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a little blog shine.

Click here to download “Fade Out,” from the crew’s upcoming album, Off The Clock.

(Word to the wise, fellas: think about taking a new press photo.)