It’s generally a surprise when something in the 206UP.COM inbox turns out to be half decent. Nine times out of ten, the random emails I open are like the seven o’clock time slot on KUBE 93: a complete waste of my time.

This group, SuperFire, hit me up a few days ago. As you can tell from the picture they sent, both dudes resemble freshmen at Western Washington University — I would know, I went there. So needless to say, when I saw their picture I was like, “Shahh…right!”

The two cuts they sent aren’t bad, however. The rhyming is on point and the beats are pleasing, if not a little derivative. As it is with most Town hip-hop acts, the jury’s still out on SuperFire, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a little blog shine.

Click here to download “Fade Out,” from the crew’s upcoming album, Off The Clock.

(Word to the wise, fellas: think about taking a new press photo.)


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