VIDEO: Kingdom Crumbs Live on KEXP

KEXP made available the video of Kingdom Crumbs’ live, in-studio performance from September 14, 2013. Good vibes and synergy from the four man crew of Jerm, Tay Sean, Mikey Nice, and Jarv Dee.


NEW MUSIC: “Benihana (Tay Sean Ill Segundo Remix)” – Fresh Espresso

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Tay Sean and P Smoov are trading remixes of their crew’s respective tracks this week. This exhibit right here is a remix of “Benihana” off Fresh Espresso’s latest album, Bossalona. Check the last remix from P a few posts back and stay tuned for a brand new Fresh Espresso EP coming in a few hours.

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NEW MUSIC: “The Mezzanine (P Smoov Remix)” – Kingdom Crumbs

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Kingdom Crumbs (Cloud Nice’s Tay Sean, Jarv Dee, Mikey Nice, and Jerm) are creators of the best Seattle rap album of 2012, at least in this blogger’s humble opinion. Make sure to download the crew’s swagged-out, heady self-titled debut, here.

New today is this remix of Kingdom’s “The Mezzanine,” treated with due respect by one half of Fresh Espresso, P Smoov. The two groups will be performing at the same City Arts Fest show at Neumos on 10/19. Go here to check the science.

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NEW MUSIC: Kingdom Crumbs – Kingdom Crumbs

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The now week-old Kingdom Crumbs debut album will likely remain fresh in listener’s ears for the remainder of the uno dos. Cloud Nice alums Tay Sean, Jerm, Mikey Nice, and Jarv Dee cast pristine drops of sound on the local rap scene in both the fashion to which you are already accustomed, and in brand new ways entirely. It’s worth the time and hard drive space.

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DOWNLOAD: “Pick Both Sides Of My Brain” – Kingdom Crumbs

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Kingdom Crumbs is the latest incarnation composed of members from the extensive Cloud Nice family tree. KC is: Tay Sean, Jarv Dee, Mikey Nice, and Jerm. The track is “Pick Both Sides Of My Brain” A little more knowledge for your brizzain:

Kingdom Crumbs is a new band comprised of four members … The music created is hip-hop, although the approach is highly experimental, drawing from various forms, be it tribal chants, psychedelic rock, or electro. The group hails from Seattle, WA, a city now widely recognized for its unique brand of avant garde hip-hop.

Click here to download “Pick Both Sides Of My Brain” by Kingdom Crumbs.


DOWNLOAD: “Weakdays” – Kung Foo Grip feat. Tay Sean

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It’s become increasingly clear that a Tay Sean beat will make the most of any MC’s talent whether black, white, man, woman, dog, cat, alien, or paramecium. Here he makes it nice for Kung Foo Grip, not that these cats really need it. This crew has come far in a relatively short amount of time and with a limited catalog. Initially known for chopping heads in cyphers, their seven-track Make Moves EP revealed them to be nostalgic Golden Era geeks at heart with remarkably diverse skill sets on the mic. “Weakdays” is in advance of the crew’s already overdue CAPITALIZE which might just turn the local rap game on its head.


DOWNLOAD: Adventures in a Helluvastate – Thadwick Tristen Trevor III & Swan Coltrane

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Here we go rap fans! Thadwick Tristen Trevor III and Swan Coltrane present Adventures in a Helluvastate, a full-length collaborative endeavor between members of the Cloud Nice and Members Only cliques that feels as natural to the dome as caffeine buzzes and misty Puget Sound air.

From the group’s press release:

Seattle emcees Thadwick Tristen Trevor III (bka Young TH of State of the Artist) and Swan Coltrane (bka Tay Sean of Helladope) release Adventures in a Helluvastate, a starkly simplistic approach to hip-hop – two emcees rapping over beats – that comes off as oddly organic, stemming from spur-of-the-moment recording sessions in the Cloud Nice basement.

The duo isn’t apprehensive about their word choice or song structure. The thoughts flow freely from each artist’s brain to the booth with little filtration. Swan casually croons the chorus on “Star Stuff”: We tryna reach the stars so let us grow/ Not so much the body as the soul/ Don’t even think about it we just go

The beats pulsate and morph, experimental and ever-changing, lent from a host of producers worldwide, only a few borrowed from in-house producers Tay Sean, Mikey Nice, and Seven Davis, Jr.


DOWNLOAD: “Brain Champagne” – Helluvastate

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“Brain Champagne” is the second chemical reaction derived from the most talented elements in Helladope and State Of The Artist. Swan Coltrane and Thadwick Tristen Trevor III (alternately known as Tay Sean and Young TH) have concocted a hazy club joint that borrows the tightly-wound kicks from Illmatic‘s “The Genesis” to great get-buck effect. This track right here bumps for two solid minutes and then leaves your blunted ass grasping for more. Adventures in a Helluvastate is the re-up, dropping soon.