AUDIO: “Rec League” – Wizdom (prod. by Reminiss)

Wizdom - Rec League

What was it that Drizzy said? “Know yourself, know your worth?” Seattle rapper Wizdom sticks to that adage with his new output, “Rec League,” his first track in 13 months after declaring retirement from the music game. Here, Wiz realizes that he can’t actually leave it alone and makes peace with himself in the semi-pros. Produced by Reminiss.

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VIDEO: “My City’s Filthy” – Wizdom (feat. Grynch & Fearce Vill; dir. by Jeff Santos)

Wizdom’s own version of a Seattle rap anthem can’t outdo the poignancy of Spekulation and company’s “Home Of The Mighty” which dropped late summer and somehow managed to be both a triumphant summary of the city’s cultural touchstones and an acknowledgement of the damage much of those have wrought. Still, props to Wiz for the lovely scenery in this video and, oh hey, a Macklemore cameo! (Unsurprisingly he’s the only one not driving his own whip.) From Wizdom’s recent The Next Step.


NEW MUSIC: “Make It Last” – Wizdom (prod. by Exoticey)

Wizdom - Make It Last

Wizdom teamed up with local producer Exoticey — winner of a Kickstarter promotion for Wiz’s recent The Last Step — for “Make It Last,” a 206 rap spin on Keith Sweat’s OG love ballad, “Make It Last Forever.”

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NEW MUSIC: The Next Step – Wizdom

Wizdom - The Next Step


Wizdom, the long standing nice guy of Seattle rap, recently dropped The Next Step, his self-proclaimed final album project. (Don’t go Wiz, we’ll miss you!) It’s an engaging eight-tracker that trends boom-bap with tasteful pop sensibilities. The best thing about Wiz has always been his straight-forward, old school flow, and amiable self-conscious swagger. Rappers generally have difficulty admitting their faults, but Wiz embraces his and wears them like a badge of honor.


NEW MUSIC: “My City’s Filthy” – Wizdom (feat. Grynch & Fearce Vill; prod. by D-Sane)

My Citys Filthy - Wizdom feat Grynch & Fearce Vill

The rapper Wizdom has a new album dropping next week called The Next Step. First up to bat from that project is his opus to the Town, “My City’s Filthy”, featuring vocal assists from Grynch and Fearce Vill (of Dyme Def), and a cinematic instrumental backdrop by D-Sane. A nice re-entry point by Wiz who we haven’t heard from in a minute.


NEW MUSIC: Unearthed – Wizdom & Epidemmik

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How often do you run through the entirety of a hip-hop album and come away feeling like you really know the cat who just spit lyrics in your ears for the last half hour or so? Not very, is my answer.

For those seeking some semblance of good old-fashioned honesty in their rap, I present to you Wizdom’s new EP, Unearthed. Along with producer Epidemmik, Wiz crafts down-to-earth anecdotes about his affinity for sneakers; his aversion to weed, alcohol and large crowds; and his unlucky-in-love travails with the fairer sex. Epidemmik’s colorful, soulful boom-bap is fresh and well-executed, and provides nice balance to Wizdom’s amiable flow.

On Unearthed, Wizdom holds a mirror up to himself and recites poetry about what he sees reflected back at him. It’s a brave exercise that offers rewards not only for him but observers of his documentation, as well.


DOWNLOAD: “That’s Nice” – Wizdom & Epidemmik (feat. Sol, Grynch & Luck-One)

Latin-inspired dance party moves from Wizdom and Epidemmik with help from reliable wingmen Sol, Luck-One and Grynch. A posse cut that swings toward the dance floor and looks forward to even more productive post-party activity. From Wiz’s upcoming Unearthed.